Synergy of Neutron Scattering and Complementary Tools to Reveal New States of Matter

The 2019 GRS (Gordon Research Seminar) on Neutron Scattering will highlight research being conducted by early career scientists and focused on the neutron scattering technique as a cutting edge tool to probe the structure and dynamic of matter. Oral presentations, poster sessions, and open floor discussions will specifically target on how the neutron scattering can be combined to other experimental, computational and theoretical tools, to provide a unique and powerful approach to reveal new states of matter. This meeting will cover different scientific areas : from soft- and hard-materials to instrumentation and data analysis. Participants are encouraged to present novel and unpublished data, exchange cutting edge ideas with their peers and mentors, and be enabled to ask abundant questions in a supportive environment. The meeting will feature keynote lectures and a mentorship component focused on career development. Therefore, this GRS will be a unique opportunity for young scientists to share and build bridges within different scientific communities, all centered around the synergetic approach of combining neutron scattering and additional tools.