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The PHOENIX web portal is a management system for experiment proposals on the instruments of the French Federation of Neutron Diffusion (2FDN) allowing the submission of proposals and the management of the missions of scientists. It centralizes information about time requests on the spectrometers and guides on the administrative steps of experiment realization. To date, it covers 6 instruments  located in Grenoble (ILL) and Villigen (PSI, Switzerland), managed by collaborative research groups (CRG) from LLB, MEM, UGA and Institut Néel.

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Differents user profiles can be found in the application. It is therefore possible to:

  • registrate as potential proposer ,
  • create, save and modify and submit experimental proposals,
  • hold the selection committees,
  • plan experiments on the spectrometers agendas,
  • edit personal informations for the welcome procedures of users,
  • declare the fate of the samples,
  • publish experimental reports.

The Phoenix project was led by the LLB’s Groupe des Systèmes Informatiques (GSI), combining outsourcing of technical developments and internal hosting at the CEA center in Saclay. A first version was opened to the public in 2016, which will be amended in a second version finalized in 2017.

Thus PHOENIX joins the other European web portals that are intended to welcome scientists throughout the world, all with the aim of presenting a simple, modern and robust software product.


  • Next call for proposals : spring 2023.

Users reimbursement:

It is traditional on French neutron instruments that the host laboratory pays the travel and accommodation expenses of users working in French laboratories at the rate of two persons per experiment. The French Federation of Neutron Diffusion (2FDN), following the procedure set up at the LLB (which remains in force), extends the participation to the reimbursement of the mission expenses of the users hosted on the ILL CRGs in Grenoble (outside the Isère department and neighbouring departments) and in PSI for the SANS-LLB instrument. See the conditions in the documents :

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