Selection committees

Hard condensed matter and magnetism

Crystalline structures, phase transitions, magnetic structures, high pressure, spin density, magnons, superconductivity,  spin-lattice coupling, dynamics of frustrated systèmes, polarised neutrons with polarisation analysis, phonons, strongly correlated systems, others…

Scientific secretaries : Claire Colin (I. Néel, Grenoble) and Philippe Bourges (LLB, Saclay).

Committee members :

  • Romain Viennois (ICGM Montpellier)
  • Romain Sibille (PSI, Suisse)
  • Navid Qureshi (ILL, Grenoble)
  • Françoise Damay (LLB, Saclay)
  • Olivier Mentré (UCCS, Lille)
  • Nicolas Martin (LLB, Saclay)


Soft matter and biophysics

Structure of liquids and amorphous systems,  dynamics of disordered systems,  polymers  and supramolecular assemblies, water, aqueous solutions polyelectrolytes, surfactants, systems of biological interets, biophysics, colloids, nanostructures, gels, composite materials, others…

Scientific secretaries : Stéphane Longeville (LLB, Saclay)

Commitee membersNatalie Malikova (PHENIX, Paris) and Jérôme Combet (ICS, Strasbourg)