Co-operation between LLB and SINQ/PSI (under final stages of negotiation) for the installation of the most recent SANS instrument of LLB. It is planned that 50% of the beam time will be dedicated to French users. The start of operation of the PA20 outstation is scheduled for 2021.

Short description : SANS-LLB is a SANS instrument running with a standard monochromatic mode for the studies of samples with fluctuations of typical sizes varying from the nanometer scale to few hundred nanometer. PA20 is equipped with a beam polarization option and is adapted for high magnetic fields (10T). Moreover, X-Y sizable slits in the collimator allow for GISANS measurements of surfaces and interfaces. The two X-Y detectors (rear and front detectors) allow for a large coverage scattering angle in a single measurement.


  • Soft condensed Matter
  • Biology
  • Magnetism
  • Material science


  • Monochromator : Astrium velocity selector, ∆λ⁄λ 12%
  • Collimator : 16m in maximum length , 5 guide sections and sizable slits
  • Sample stage equipped with X-Y-Z translations, rotations, double goniometer…
  • Detectors :
    • 19m long tank, monobloc Multitube detector 3He, 64*64cm2, 5*5mm2 pixels
    • L-shaped Multitube detector 3He, 2* 16 tubes of 64cm, 13*13mm2 pixels


  • Polarized Neutron
  • Focusing lens

Layout of SANS-LLB in the guide hall at PSI

SANS-LLB (at the Paul-Scherrer Institut, Villigen, Switzerland)
SANS-LLB (at the Paul-Scherrer Institut, Villigen, Switzerland)