Collaborative instruments installed at the Institut Laue Langevin and at Paul Scherrer Institute

Triple-axis instruments

  • IN22 thermal neutron three-axis spectrometer (IRIG-CEA / JCNS)
  • IN12 cold neutron three-axis spectrometer (JCNS / IRIG-CEA)


  • D1B high resolution neutron two-axis powder diffractometer (Institut Néel-CNRS / CSIC)
  • D23 thermal neutron two-axis diffractometer for single-crystal (IRIG-CEA / JCNS)


  • IN13 thermal neutron backscattering spectrometer (LiPhy-UGA / CNR-IOM)
  • IN6-SHARP cold neutron time-focussing time-of-flight spectrometer (LLB-CNRS&CEA)

Diffusion aux petits angles

  • SANS-LLB small angle neutron scattering instrument at PSI